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Car maintenance

How can you change your engine oil yourself? If you’re a bit handy, this is a very easy job, even if you don’t know anything about cars. Make sure you use motor oil from a reputable brand such as Ardina automotive lubricants.

Change Oil


First you have to make sure that your engine and therefore the engine oil has cooled down. If you have just driven, it is therefore useful to wait an hour before you start to refresh. Otherwise dangerous situations may arise. When the engine has cooled down you can start. Make sure your car is level so you can drain all the oil from the engine block. If you can’t reach it well, you can place the car on a platform.

Then unscrew the oil cap and place a bucket or container under the car. Loosen the sump plug and the oil is released. When all the oil is out, you can unscrew the oil filter. Replace the oil filter with a new one and clean the opening with a cloth.

Place a funnel in the filler hole at the top of the engine block and pour the new engine oil into the hole. Use about four liters of oil for this. Check the oil level at the bottom after waiting a few minutes. If there isn’t enough in it yet, top it up a bit.

Make sure that you use the correct motor oil protection, i.e. the motor oil has the correct thickness for your car. For a passenger car, for example, this is 10W40.


Why is your car important


I don’t really need to say much about this. But according to your plans, I want this to go. When you brake, the brake pads come against the steel discs at each wheel. The braking system is designed so that only the pads will wear out, but if not properly maintained, not only will the pads wear out but also the discs. If you have to repair this, you will lose a lot more money than if you regularly have your car serviced, and therefore also your brake pads.

So it’s basically preventing future mistakes and everyone knows that prevention is better than cure. So you get a safer car, it costs less in the long run because you do not carry out expensive repairs but only the maintenance costs.

The costs of maintenance and repair in the Netherlands are around thirty-eight euros per month for a small car, around forty-nine euros per month for a large small car, around sixty-two euros per month for a small middle class and this is around eighty-eight euros per month. So it really depends on what kind of car you have and how high the costs for maintenance and repair are.

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