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Madden NFL 17 and its strongest points

Although EA is updated in content for its franchise Year by year, while the madden nfl coins are do not changed, for now, the madden nfl 17 coins are playing the important role in madden nfl playing. In FIFA introduced new game mechanics and impressive graphics, while in Madden NFL included realism and impressive playable experiences, among other things, which we will detail below.

EA put much emphasis on the confrontation between receptors and cornerbacks. This, in conjunction with the gameplay change, makes it more real to catch the balls and escape into the touchdown zone. It may seem complicated, but the game itself takes you by the hand through these new ways to play.

Higher accuracy whit passes
What would a receiver be without a good quarterback? The new features within Madden NFL 17 allow us to launch high passes or extremely low passes, so that only our receivers are able to receive the pass.

Gauntlet is back!
Due to the introduction of new game mechanics, it was decided to re-enter Gauntlet mode in Madden 17. This mode takes you through new challenges, which will help you learn all the moves.

RPG Feeling
For several years, EA decided to introduce a story mode in Madden, in which we progressed depending on each of our actions, training and meetings. Also, in this mode we had goals and objectives, such as 4 passes or receptions in the same series, take a fumble to score a touchdown, among others. This allowed us to level up and improve the skills of our team.

Just like on TV
EA put a lot of effort into making a realistic presentation of what Sundays are like on football or even Monday Nights. It really feels like we’re watching a game on TV. Comments, graphics and movements take us to an almost real world.

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