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Main Ideas: “Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got”

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This book is considered the bible for those who are unable or unwilling to invest heavily in advertising or seek investors.

“How To Get What You Want With What You Can” has a very high rating on Amazon (4.7) and over 1,800 positive reviews on the Goodreads book portal. Jay Abraham, the book’s author, is a multimillionaire and founder of the Jay Abraham Group, a consulting company that has helped develop companies such as Microsoft, CitiBank, IBM and others.

What valuable ideas does this book contain? Let’s take a closer look.

Appreciate your customers and sales managers

Now everyone is used to the fact that good service is the standard. Your company should provide excellent service by default, and not talk about it in all advertising brochures. To attract more and more customers now requires more than just quality service. We need to create premium services and loyalty programs. Individual discounts, vip-client cards, gifts, all this helps to increase the customer base.

To ensure good sales and a “warm climate” in the team, Jay Abraham advises generously rewarding sales managers. The author believes that you, as an entrepreneur, should value the people who bring you new customers and keep your business alive. Now almost every company has switched to the scheme of motivating commercial departments, which consists in the fact that in addition to the basic (minimum) salary, the employee also receives a percentage of sales. Very often, the percentage of sales is not high enough to motivate an employee to do something. Jay encourages not to skimp on remuneration and, in some cases, offer your employees up to 100% from the first sale, then systematically reducing the percentage from each new customer purchase.

Take the quantum leap

Many books on business write that you need to grow in a systematic way, implementing various innovations in small steps after a long analysis. In the author’s opinion, you should, on the contrary, make a “quantum leap”, i.e. do not develop marketing plans, product prototypes, etc. for several years, but start acting right now, using the resources that you have. To make a real breakthrough, you have to be bold and act quickly.

Eliminate shopping risk

If you are making a product that is still unknown to the market and its value is difficult to convey to customers, then you probably understand how difficult it is to attract new users. They all have great mistrust and doubt about your company and your product. This is not surprising and they can be understood, because they are afraid of losing their invested money, they are afraid that your company will not meet their expectations. What to do in this case? To increase customer loyalty and base, the author of the book offers a system for leveling customer risk, i.e. guaranteed return of the funds invested by customers in your product, if for some reason it did not suit them. To demonstrate that this system works, the author gives an example. Imagine you have 2 identical products or services. One costs $ 1,000 and the other $ 1,500. Both have almost the same specifications. But in the second case, the store offers a guaranteed 30-day refund if the product / service does not suit you. Which company will you use? Certainly, even despite the higher cost of the product, the second company is more likely to get a buyer, since they offer to return all the money if something does not suit him.

Unite with other services and companies

Jay Abraham calls for abandoning large investments in advertising campaigns, and also writes that you should not look for additional investments to promote the product. Instead, you can use guerrilla marketing by offering partnerships to other services in exchange for something you can give them. For example, if you create gadgets, you can write to the largest publications on your topic and invite them to review your product, and in return you can give them your product or something else. But partnerships should be approached wisely. The author writes that you should not merge with such companies, the audience of which is not the target for you. For example, you produce dairy products and write to tech publications or groups on social networks asking them to write about you. In this case, even though everyone uses dairy products, your material will be inappropriate for these publications, it will not resonate with readers.

Money is not the main thing

The author writes that if the main goal of your business is to make money, then you will not last long. Money is an evaluative factor of how strongly you are interested in your cause. If you are not getting too much money from your product right now, this does not mean that the audience is not interested in it. This means that you are doing something wrong, you are not using all the channels, or you are using the wrong ones. Jay Abraham says that you need to look for like-minded people and services that are interested in working with you as much as possible. Unite with them, use the barter system. This will not provide you with a profit right now, but this way you can increase your customer base, ensure your recognition and a high level of trust. Believe me, it won’t take long for your sales to grow on their own.

The main message of Jay Abraham’s book “How to Get What You Want with What You Can” is that you don’t have to attract investment or huge resources to achieve business success, promote a product, or create awareness. Instead, he encourages you to use non-standard methods, creative approaches, team up with other services and companies, and use the resources that you have right now.

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