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Phytoplankton is great for helping dogs thrive

Are you looking for an extra way to support your dog and boost his or her immune system? Or do you simply want to fill the nutritional void that is often left by regular dog food? Then you can go a long way by purchasing phytoplankton for dogs. Such a supplement is great for their overall health and wellbeing. Not only will it boost the immune system of your dog, it also provides them with important nutrients that are needed to thrive. It can even provide relief to dogs with a variety of ailments. It does not, however, replace vet treatment. Phytoplankton is simply an additional way for you to support the health of your dogs.

Provide additional relief to dogs with a variety of illnesses and ailments

As mentioned, phytoplankton is not only great for healthy dogs, but can also help dogs suffering from a disease or condition. Dogs with skin and fur problems, for instance, can greatly benefit from it. It will reduce their itchiness, which will give their skin and fur some time to calm down and become less irritated. Over time, patches of missing fur will regrow and your dog’s coat will become shiny and healthy again. Other ailments that phytoplankton can provide relief for, are arthritis and cancer. It helps dogs with arthritis walk with less pain or even completely painless. For those with cancer, it improves quality of life. Vet treatment comes first, though.

Buy phytoplankton from this specialist

Do you want to buy phytoplankton for dogs? Then you should buy a supplement that is free of additives to ensure that it is safe to give to your dog. Freshness is also important, because the fresher the phytoplankton is, the more health benefits it has. Therefore it is best to purchase yours from Mr. Ros. The supplements of this company are free of additives and known for their freshness. This is ensured by packaging the phytoplankton right after harvest.