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Stop smoking, start vaping CBD!

One more time and then we’ll stop talking about it, but January is of course the time to renounce that tobacco once and for all. You can do that purely on willpower, or with nicotine patches or something like that. But why not make smoking cessation enjoyable by temporarily (or forever) vaping CBD?

Stop smoking with CBD

Quitting tobacco can be extremely difficult, even if you have great willpower, nicotine will keep you in its grip for years to come. However, cannabidiol (CBD) can help you succeed in quitting. Researchers at University College London already demonstrated this in 2013. Visit best e cigarettesfor more information. CBD reduces the appetite for a cigarette; study participants were found to smoke up to 40% fewer cigarettes when using a CBD inhaler.

The fact that CBD reduces the appetite for a cigarette is great, but those who stop smoking can also suffer from withdrawal symptoms. CBD helps with that too. The cannabinoid can clear positive associations with cigarettes in the brain, as well as lowering stress and anxiety, making you less likely to relapse. 

CBD e-liquid Enecta

The Dutch Enecta researches the best products that are the alternative to smoking, and has launched a suitable CBD e-liquid on the market. After quitting, many ex-smokers miss the ‘smoke feeling’ that a cigarette gives you. You suddenly have nothing to hold in your hands and inhalation is no longer an option. You can of course switch to the pure weed joint, but you can’t smoke it all day long either.

By vaping CBD e-liquid, on the one hand you reduce the appetite or sigh for a cigarette. At the same time, it gives you something to inhale, so that the lack plays less of a role in stopping. Enecta’s CBD e-liquid is suitable for any e-cigarette and has a delicious peach taste. Buy E liquids online at Ecigmarketxl.comfor more information. It contains no nicotine, so you do not still maintain your addiction as with nicotine-containing stop products. A bottle contains 20 or 100 milligrams of CBD and not a drop of THC. So you will never get high or stoned from it.

Plastic dropper bottles

The plastic dropper bottles Enecta CBD e-liquid come in a beautifully designed cardboard box and contain 10ml PG/VG e-liquid. They are suitable for any refillable e-cigarette and have a nice peach flavor, so they are also nice to just vape. Enecta CBD e-liquid is available at from €9.95. A bottle with 100 milligrams of CBD costs €19.95.